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Date: 22nd June 2016
36v 10ah Lithium Ion Battery For E-bicycle/E-bike
I. BATTERY CHARACTERISTICS:36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bikeNo. Items Criteria Remarks 1Nominal Voltage36v2Nominal Capacity10Ahfull charge with 0.4c discharge rate3Cut-off voltage:32V4Standard Charging Current:?5A5Max Charging Current:5A6Over Charge Detecting Voltage:4.25v~4.35vper battery cell7Over Charge Release Voltage:4.05v~4.15vper battery cell8Over Discharge Detecting Voltage:2.5v?0.1vper battery cell9Over Discharge Release Voltage:3.0v?0.1vper battery cell10Over Discharged Protection Time Delay:12ms (min.) 30ms(max)11Over Current Detecting Time Delay:8ms(min.) ? 30ms(max)12Self-discharge:6uA(Typ.) ? ? 10uA(Max)13Charging Model:CC-CV14Operating TemperatureCharging : -10~+45?Discharging: 10~+50?15Storage Temperature-10??+30?16Weightapprox. 3kgII. WE OFFER:36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bike We offer different battery chemistry selection. Different anode battery chemistry has it's own typical advantages in cycle life or working voltage platform,Website:, in size and weight, and even price different great: - Battery Chemistry Selection - Battery Charger Selection/Design - Battery Fuel-gauge Suggestions Based On Application - Battery Safety-Circuitry Recommendations - Battery Construction Suggestions - Regulatory Guidance - Production Test EquipmentPS:Lifepo4 battery v.s. LiMn2O4 v.s. LiNiCoMnO2 anode material battery III. We Promise:36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bike SNL will give the same spec. battery as what we confirmed in written. Batch goods are the same as samples: * Original Branded Cell, Branded Quality; * Good Price Ratio v.s. Good Quality; ? * Long Navigation once charged full; * Professional After-Sales Service; * Safety Approvals; * Quality Assurance IV. YOU CHOOSE:36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bike Our service-man are well trained with battery professional knowledge. Should you have any question, they will help you to work out the best suitable battery pack for your system:Voltage/Capacity Size(mm) Weight(kg) 36V 10Ah145*105*1503.636V 15Ah215*105*1505.236V 20Ah145*210*1507.236V 30Ah210*210*1501036V 40Ah210*210*1501436V 50Ah230*310*15017.536V 60Ah280*310*1502036V 80Ah370*310*1502736V 100Ah460*310*15048V. NOTICE:36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bike battery might cause risks if mistreated with carelessness, like fire or chemical burn. So please do not disassemble, or heat up 100 above. Do not expose to kids or children. don't litter around die batteries: *Do not immerse the battery or battery pack into any liquid such as water; *Do not use or place the battery near fire, heater or high temperatures ( 80? above); *Do not use unauthorized chargers; *Don not force a reverse-charge or a reverse-connection;VI. WHY US?36v 10ah Lithium ion Battery for E-bicycle/E-bike SNL company is working on high quality 18650 batteries for a long time, including Samsung, LG, Panasonic. We are appreciated we have the honor to serve FYRON medical device manufacturer for more than 3 years so far. We are trying to entering and more compliant to a new era, industrial 4.0. We are going to have an intelligent auto-production line. That will give us a more accurate matching on consistency for each 18650 cell. It will save much labor cost and enhance working efficiency and makes customization within smaller time. That would give our customer a better experience in many aspects, like quality and shorten the lead time. The most important of all, QUALITY IS OUR CULTURE! Any further inquiry will get our highly attention. Send your specified inquiry via email or phone us. Thank you for your time! Looking forward to cooperate with you to make your customers love your brand!
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